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Information about Curved Stairlifts

If you have turns, quarter landings or a spiral shaped staircase it is likely that you will need curved stairlift. These stairlifts are custom built to fit your stairs. For more information and advice, or to arrange a free, no obligation stairlift survey, simply complete our online form and we will be happy to help you.

Key Stairlift Features

  • • Two remote controls to send the stairlift where it is needed
  • • Safety sensors that stop the lift if it meets any obstructions
  • • Easy operation seat belts
  • • Swivel seat for easy and safe dismount
  • • Average installation time usually takes as little as Two hours

Available Stairlift Options

  • • Hinged track to avoid blocking any throughfare
  • • Choice of seat color
  • • Powered swivel seat or footrest
  • • Perch / standing seat for users that have dificulty bending their knees
  • • Heavy duty option

Reconditioned curved stairlifts do become available from time to time. However, a new curved stairlift track would still have to be custom made for your staircase, this would require a free stairlift survey. Due to hygiene, new seat coverings would also be use. We do not guarantee to buy back stairlifts, it is subject to our current stock levels. We do not buy back stairlifts that have been purchased from other stairlift suppliers.