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We do not advertise misleading stairlift prices.

Some websites advertise unrealistic stairlift prices, for example: reconditioned stairlifts from £999, straight stairlifts from £1,299 or curved stairlifts from £2,999. It is worth noting that these prices are not an average price. Whilst it is possible to purchase a stairlift for around these kind of figures, they can be misleading because a genuine stairlift quote will vary for a number of reasons.

Why do stairlift quotations differ?

There are many staircase and individual requirements that need to be considered - All of which can effect how much a stairlift will cost.

We don't advertise our prices because we know that the only real way to find out the true cost for a stairlift is to arrange for us or another reputable company to carry out a stair lift survey. The surveyor will make a detailed assessment of your staircase and discuss your specific stairlift requirements with you. This will allow the surveyor to supply you with a truly accurate quotation. This is a free, no obligation stairlift survey.

Get Accurate Competitive Stairlift Quotes From Leading Stairlift Manufacturers

We have access to several leading stairlift manufacturers and suppliers. Due to the high volumes of stairlifts that we purchase, we are able to purchase stairlifts at a much better rate than if you were to purchase directly. Because of this, we are able to pass these savings on to you with the same peace of mind and aftersales service from the manufacturer that you would get if you went direct.

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