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About Freedom Stairlifts

Freedom Stairlifts Limited based in Dorchester, Dorset was established in May 2005 by Roy Williams. Roy has gained nearly 25 years of experience and knowledge during his involvement within the stairlift industry. Freedom Stairlifts has become a family affair with a strong emphasis on family values that takes pride in treating our customers with a service we all should have.

After witnessing the inflated prices and up-selling of accessories and options that were not necessary, we knew that with our experience, knowledge and our approved stair lift suppliers we could do better, ensuring that our customers always find the right stair lift solution at the right price.

Save money with Freedom Stairlifts today

We strive to be as competitive as possible and know that we can find you the most affordable solution in regaining the freedom of your home. Whatever your requirements, from a standard straight stairlift or the most complicated curved stairlift with a multitude of bends, to an outdoor stairlift or one with a heavy duty bariatric option.

How do we stay competitive with stairlift prices?

We achieve this by avoiding the kind of high advertising costs that many stairlift manufacturers and stairlift dealers incur. In addition, due to the high number of people we help to purchase stairlifts, we are able to negotiate great deals from our stairlift suppliers. 
The savings that we make are passed on to you.

The Services We Provide You

Our Customer Promise

We cannot provide details of repairs or spare parts on stairlifts that have been bought from other stairlift companies.